Barbie Dream House Party Fail – Barbie Sisters Make a Huge Mess! Fun Doll Story for Kids

Barbie goes out of town and leaves her older sister Skipper in charge. The girls decide to invite some friends over but when the info got into the wrong hands . Everyone comes to barbies dream house. The party gets out of control and the girls dont know what to do. Moana and her friend Jacob arrive and Jacob helps get everyone . The girls clean the big mess before Barbie comes home?

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Dolls Shopping at Barbie Skechers Shoe Store Playset – Playing With Dolls Titi Toys

Titi Toys and Dolls is a fun kid friendly channel where Titi the storyteller plays with dolls and inspires story telling through dolls and playsets of Barbie , Frozen, Princesses and even creates unique series episodes and characters.


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