Cat Encounters Alien Invasion!!! Sunny Cats Prank #04 | Funny Cats Oli Videos | Cat VS Alien

➜ One day, a UFO landed at Cat Oli’s house, and a huge green alien came out of the spaceship. . .
➜ Hi, my cats are Oli & Leeo, we like to have fun

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On this day, the cat Oli was lying on the sofa to rest, a UFO landed at home, and after
the spacecraft door opened, a huge green alien came out of the spacecraft. Oli looked at
this huge green alien blankly. The alien scanned Oli and found that there was no danger.
Then the alien touched Oli, and Oli felt very comfortable. Afterwards, Oli excitedly
grabbed his funny cat stick and threw it to the alien. The alien picked up the…

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