Cute, funny dog videos for kids and parents. Goldendoodle picks funny toy animals.. No77 2015

Goldendoodle Ally and me are currently dealing with set compilation no. 77. This is a new collection of 10 items, of which 8 are funny animals, one is a boy doll, and one is a robot doll. I am very satisfied with everything concerning this video, training, performance, video shot. Dealing with dogs, trying to train them, means dealing with subtle nuances. Also a dog ideally understands a “twinkle in the eye” if you do things right. And this Goldendoodle dog does certainly jokes alot herself. Anyway – to see through what the dog really understands is difficult, very difficult. So when you see an exact outcome of that understanding, it’s amazing. With this set compilation, I got this feeling. Hope you will enjoy watching this.


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