Doritos Talking Dog commercial (featuring Clark G the talking dog)

This was our entry into the Doritos Crash the Superbowl commercial contest, it is a parody of the original “Ultimate Dog Tease” done by Talking Animals!
(Check out the hilarious original here:
However, Doritos wouldn’t accept it claiming it violated their rules because it’s based on something that’s already been broadcast (aka on youtube)! Evidently they’re not aware of the laws governing parody in this country. Their loss, this is SO MUCH funnier than the one’s on their facebook page. So we decided to post it here so you all can still enjoy it!
Original idea: Caleb Steele; Written by Jax Kearney & Caleb Steele
Edited by Jax Kearney: Dog voice: Caleb Steele Man voice: Jax Kearney

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