Fun Facts about Babble Balls, the Talking Dog Toys

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Pet Qwerks was started with a single toy, the Babble Ball. That was our first product and it remains our flagship today. Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy, Flashes, Makes Funny Sounds and Talks when Touched!
The first Babble Ball was really a yoyo! Pet Qwerks was founded by Jim Gick with his tinkering to solve his boxer Koko’s broken toy dilemma. One day Koko brought him a favorite stuffed toy which had talked but was broken. “He had that look on his face: ‘Please, fix it Dad”, Jim said. The toy sat broken on the garage work bench for a month or so, and Koko would look up at the bench every time he passed it. He knew where it had been tossed. Passing through a store one day, Jim was inspired by a ball…

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