Funny Forklift Fail Prank – Funny TIKTOK Pranks 2020 || Try Not To Laugh

This video shows a very funny forklift fail prank of TikTok. “It was March 2020, we had to stay inside because of covid-19. My sister and I wanted to make a TikTok about the corona. She sneezes and I would be “afraid” of her. I put her in the closet and lifted her all the way up with the forklift. When the closet fell off the forklift from high, she was not in the closet.

This TikTok did not go viral. A few months later, we saw a TikTok trend where you use the ‘oh no’ song with an old video where something goes wrong. I thought it was a good idea to use this forklift video where the closet fell off and it was, the video went viral. Some people think she was still in the closest when it hit the ground and that makes it funny to us.”



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