Happy Birthday Kitty! ( Funny Talking Dogs ) What Is Free On My Birthday

Happy Birthday Kitty! ♥ You deserve lot’s of FREE stuff on your birthday ♥ Kitty, watch this funny talking dog video!


Kitty, you are in good company, take a look at some of your namesakes

Notable Actors and Actresses (1)
Kitty Courbois 1937-2017

Notable Musicians (1)
Kitty Kallen 1921-2016 jazz, swing, pop

Olympic Medalists (2)
Kitty Carruthers 1984 United States (silver) figure skating
Kitty van Male 2012 Netherlands (gold) field hockey

Title Characters (2)
Kitty 2013 Hello Kitty (song)
Kitty Jay 2004 Kitty Jay (song)

♥ ♥ ♥

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