Hidden Surprise in our Backyard Dog House Mansion!! Family fun with Adley and Niko!

Now the whole family all has matching Purple beds! even that dogs!!

and we gotchu with code “FURBABY” for $30 off a pet bed!


Best Pet Day Ever 972

Ah, family time, I love it. But today Adley and Baby Bear are crazy! We have some left over balloons from Niko’s first birthday, and they are inflated with helium so they are floating and the kids are playing with them nonstop. The baby is getting super excited and we do a little makeover for Adley by rubbing the balloon all over in her hair. These kids are so funny!!

We have a surprise for the dogs today. Remember back when we were doing the backyard tours and one of them as all about Olive and Koopa and the dog house mansion! Well we love it, but the dog beds…

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