Rope Swing Fails | Funniest Fail Compilation

You should do a rope swing, they said. It’ll be so fun, they said. It’s safe and no one ever gets hurt, they said. Thanks to this hilarious compilation of Rope Swing Fails, we totally believe them! Don’t you? Like that one clip where the girl can’t quite hold on and HITS THE GROUND before she starts swinging? Or the one where the boy SPLASHES BELLY FIRST in the water when his friends push him super hard? Or how about when the dad pulls his son up so high to give him a good start and the ROPE GIVES WAY? That looks totally fun and safe, right? Sign us up!

Have you ever ridden a rope swing before? Does your experience compare to any of the clips in this compilation? Let us know in the comments below and of course, submit your best videos to us

Rope Swing Fails | Funniest Fail…

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