Smart Dog Trained To Use The Toilet

This video is a 2 minute video and combines 7 adorable dog clips, the 1st is about a smart Cane Corso dog named Leo who is well trained to use the toilet, he wouldn’t poop or piss anywhere else until he reaches the toilet then get his funny positionning so that his back feets wouldn’t reach the ground, the 2nd clip is the disappearing trick, AKA the invisible challenge and the dogs seem worried with their owner not existing, the 3rd one is a trick that got revealed by leo but he didn’t take the necessary precautions so it still worked against him, the 4th clip is when leo promises not to be the brightest but the definitly the cutest when he can’t know how to get through the net, the 5th leo clip is him passing from sleeping to a whole different process which is eating in the fastest…

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