When You Ask Child to Clean her Dog's Ears

When You Ask Child to Clean her Dog’s Ears: Cleaning ears is never a pleasure for dogs, but for a child it can be super fun :). Laura was really excited that she can show you how she cares for her beagle dogs

You’ve Never Seen a More Gentle, Attentive Babysitter Than This Doting Beagle!
Charlie the Beagle is a famous dog, as far as dog-popularity goes. He has his own YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers.
He’s a really smart dog, and Daniel Drzewiecki and Julija Kolpakowa wanted to show everyone else how talented he is.
They started to teach him to do things like opening the cabinet, changing the light to cross the street, and even playing the keyboard.
The number of tasks that this dog can complete is truly amazing. When baby Laura was born, her parents always knew…

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